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Iceland 2016

These images are from a photo adventure Feb 28 - Mar 6 -- inspired, planned and led by a special photography friend, John "The Snake" Barrett.  Our group numbered nine friends, most of whom had traveled together several times before.  Iceland was a bucket-list photo destination for all!

Temperatures were typical for this season, from low 20s to low 30s.  There were plenty of strong winds and driving drizzle, plus about a foot of new snow on the last night.  Fortunately we were well prepared with all manner of water- and wind-proof clothing, cold-weather gadgets, GPSes, walkie-talkies, loads of snacks and two heavier-duty 4WD vehicles.

We were tremendously fortunate to see many of the most hoped-for subjects, notably three nights of Aurora and a tour of an ice cave.

You can see our general Iceland route in the map at right.  Many of our locations were also the shooting locations for scenes of well-known films, 21 of which are shown on this map:

Click each gallery below to view its images.  Viewing tips are listed below the galleries.

Finally...a disclaimer:  images are a blend of "photography" and "travel".  The latter are included to help tell the story of the former.

Hope you enjoy!

This illustrates our general route.  So much seen, and so much to explore in the future!


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