Photos by Other Photographers - 2008 and Prior

Viewers:  these photos, like those in the main "TBDBITL" folder, are for the private use of members of the TBDBITL Alumni Club.  Please don't share photos with other audiences unless you have the owner's prior approval (each gallery lists the owner name).

Owners:  THANK YOU for permission to present your images here!

All:  if you have information about events, dates or subjects, please contact me so I can add it.  It will add meaning for everyone. 

More photos are available on the TBDBITL Members Only page, also at Crockett Photography and Duncan Photography.

The fine print:  original filenames and other EXIF details are unchanged.  Ownership was determined by camera model and dialog with the owner, and is carried in both "Author" field and gallery description. Titles and captions were added by me based on available information.  Please let me know if you find anything incorrect or that could be improved.

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