Hawaii 2017 - sksphoto

In May 2017, The Ohio State University Marching Band Alumni were invited to Hawaii to participate in ceremonies commemorating the 50th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War.  The program's theme was "Welcome Home", and its mission to "assist a grateful Nation in thanking and honoring its Vietnam War Veterans and their families, the fallen, the wounded, those who were held as Prisoners of War, those listed as missing and unaccounted for, the home front, Federal Agencies, all organizations that served or supported the Armed Forces, and our Allies. This mission will be complete when all Vietnam War Veterans have been thanked and honored for their Service, Valor, and Sacrifice. This includes their families, especially families who lost loved ones during the Vietnam War."

The TBDBITL Alumni group hailed from 16 states, including Hawaii.  81 band members -- whose ages spanned seven decades and included seven Vietnam Veterans -- were accompanied by 74 family and friends.  

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You can see others' shared photos and videos at hashtag #alohatbdbitl and this page.  

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